Victory Vision 800cc Bike

Victory Vision Concept bike

Polaris, well known for ATVs and their Victory cruiser line, came to the Long Beach motorcycle show loaded with something a bit outside their usual lineup. Taking an 800cc parallel twin from an ATV, they built the Vision, a concept bike that looks like nothing I've ever seen.

The bike uses a CVT type transmission and shaft drive on a single sided swingarm. There are no foot controls, no gearshift due to CVT and with no rear brake lever you have to figure linked brakes from the hand lever. The engine lies low so the area above contains huge storage plus a bladder type fuel tank above the engine and behind the front wheel. Floorboards suggest cruiser type ergonomics.
When an American motorcycle company known for cruisers starts building concepts like this, I get the feeling at least a few guys have some idea that riding attracts people with differing tastes. We might eventually have a chance to see something outside the cruiser/chopper line, even from a company like Victory. I'm not even sure where this type of concept fits in and there don't seem to be any plans to build this but it sure gets your attention. I give Victory a big thumbs up for trying something different.

Victory Vision Concept bike

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