Concept Smart Baby Case



‘Smart Baby Case.’
It’s kind of like a Matrix robot nanny pod sort of thing.

It’s got several doors! The top door is just a little too small to pull the baby out of, but just large enough for parents to easily access the baby. The main door is the big one, the one that lets the baby get in and out.
And of course, the Safety Breath doors: except when the air purification unit is on, these doors allow for safe breathing and they automatically shut when the pressure is too low!

Smart Baby Case by Pouyan Mokhtarani

Inside you’ll find the communication unit and LED screen. You can look at the baby and the baby can look at you, too! This screen is also near several airblowing units. On the top of this screen unit there’s an orange LED light in the form of the Samsonite logo which shows the quality of the air inside the pod.


Inside you’ll also notice the auto rocking unit operated by a small servo unit located between the wells. Auto Diaper around the bottom of the baby has a moisture sensor which gently flushes away waste with water, the same with solid waste, all flushed away with tubes to the waste storage unit at the front of the case.



  1. Cute device for cute babies

  2. @sanchi: But its a concept. It will not come to sale on market