Easy Express Emotion Concept Bed

This concept bed, also known as Easy Express Emotion Bed (EEE), is designed by Hyun Seok Kim. Hyun Seok Kim is famous due to his innovative and futuristic design of yacht. Now he has come up with a new concept which will help the couples in expressing their emotions without saying a word.
The emotions can be expressed by the bed based on the way one rests on it. He unveils this bedroom furniture called as Easy Express Emotion Bed (EEE).

Easy Express Emotion Bed (EEE) design is curved in horizontal way and divided in 2 pieces. Therefore, when the bed is attached, lovely mood is naturally presented. However when the bed is divided, the user can get his/her individual space. If you’re a new couple, this bed design is suitable indeed for expressing your feeling to your love.

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