Allivictus Recyclone takes eco-friendliness to a stormy level


Designed by Matus Prochaczka, the ‘Allivictus Recyclone’ is a car concept that makes use of recycled material to provide an eco ride in the days to come. Featuring a body finished in a kind of milled mass of rubber, PVC and PET mixed into a resin matrix, the futuristic vehicle integrates a monolithic base, thanks to the special breaking system. Generating power from Lithium-ion batteries,
the vehicle by the Slovakian designer incorporates rolling bearings in wheel rings so the side rings remains static even when the car is on the move. The front big wheel turns on central hinge, which is fixed by an arm on the car’s body. The body of the car is coated by film resin that not only protects it from sun and rain but also adds glossiness to the surface.

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