1337 (Leet) Phone with calculator keypad

leet phone_01

Paying homage to the HP 25 calculator, MS DOS and the good old numeric keypad, Australian designer Shane Crozier has come up with a retro mobile handset that literally relives the communication tools of the Stone Age, if not beyond. Entitled unusually ‘1337 (Leet)’ like its design, the square cellphone removes almost all modern features of the contemporary handsets and just includes Navigation controls and a Pong game interface.
In addition, the 1337 phone is capable of standard texting as well as binary texting. The retro cellphone also has the option of two built-in ringtones, the Generic 80’s computer game music, and the sci-fi Theremin theme. While we are using the services of the 4G on our mobile phones, the 1337 (Leet) Phone other than its slim and compact size hasn’t anything to share with its contemporaries.

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