Microsoft combined mouse and digital pen


Over the years, Microsoft has produced lots of peripherals for computers for gaming and general office work. With a few exceptions, the products are typically not all that exciting and have boring designs. I did like the design of the SideWinder keyboard for gamers that had the removable number pad from Microsoft, but it was the only cool product from the company in a long time. 

A new design concept has been spied on Yanko Design that carries the Microsoft logo. The triangular device is a combination of a traditional mouse and a digital pen. The front tip of the triangle has the mouse buttons and scroll area that are touch sensitive and light up when pressed.
When the user wants to do some design work, the mouse can be picked up from one of the angled sides and used like a digital pen. The device looks like it would be rather uncomfortable to use as a normal mouse due to the size of the thing.

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