Concepts of mobile devices from HP - May see them in 2012


A laptop with a virtual keyboard

HP company finishes the HP Mobile Innovation Tour the main aim of which is to demonstrate its bold ideas of the future which were developed in the “locked room”.
  A laptop with a virtual keyboard

The last stop was in the Indian city of Mumbai. HP prepares for 2012, in which all high-tech devices will be able to contact each other.
Among the new developments are: flexible screen that can be curtailed in tube; “smart” shelf that charge batteries of cellular phones and other devices; the communication device which is made as a bracelet; electronic wallet with a flexible screen and the stylus, and a laptop with a touch keyboard. Also HP announced the special pen which will remember all written text.
So we’ll see how HP realize their ideas in 2012.

Tablet PC


Electronic wallet

Charging shelf

Intelligent pen 

Wireless hub

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